Welcome to Condensing the Cloud, a Substack brought to you by Battery Ventures.

Battery Ventures has invested in technology companies for over forty years — backing some of the biggest and brightest ideas in the industry. Cloud computing is one of the areas we are most excited about; and, if you’re reading this, perhaps you’re also excited by the potential of cloud computing — both at the application and at the infrastructure layer— to disrupt markets and industries in the years ahead.

Which brings us to this Substack: Condensing the Cloud. We launched Condensing the Cloud with two goals in mind: first, to offer insights on new cloud technologies and trends, and second, to provide practical advice for founders and other company-builders. We will also provide deeper dives into our proprietary research and reports, including the annual State of the OpenCloud report, and perhaps some guest voices and Q&A from time to time.

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Brandon Gleklen

Principal @ Battery Ventures

Dharmesh Thakker

General Partner at Battery Ventures. Interested in cloud, open source, and AI companies enabling the digital revolution.

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